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Company DIKAM - D Ltd was founded in 2003
The company specializes in the import and marketing of furniture products - accessories and materials for kitchens, kitchen sinks and faucets, accessories for the wardrobe and bedroom, office materials, lighting, diode and LED lighting, furniture legs and wheels, furniture handles, mechanisms drawers, locks and other necessary materials and furniture hardware associated with the design and manufacture of furniture, and everything you need to furnish a batroom.
The growing desire to create and improve the facilities in the kitchen need to supply more types of mechanisms for incorporation, including pull baskets products and bottles with different designs and sizes, rotating mechanisms for deaf and corner cabinet and tall mechanisms - column type.
The innovation in the design of a kitchen is determined not only by the type and but also of the products in it,  as well as of its functionality.
Mechanisms for drawer and furniture hinges are just as important as the accessories inside.
For this purpose DIKAM - D Ltd provides mechanisms and hinges with integrated gas spring for soft closing of drawers and doors.
A must for every kitchen there is a sink, faucet, dustbin, hood, handles and kitchen accessories line that anyone can purchase separately. The diversity of these items DIKAM - D offers have individual choice of each customer. Not least to complete the kitchen DIKAM D Ltd brings a variety of types and sizes of aluminum waterproof moldings and bases for kitchen cabinets and aluminum strips for edging panels and doors.
Bedrooms and children's rooms are an important part of the home and the amenities they have long ceased to be a luxury, but a necessity.
DIKAM - D Ltd  imports of the Bulgarian market accessories for wardrobes and bedrooms whose practicality creates pleasure in use.
Pipes about  wardrobe with including lights, illuminated shelves, pull-on pants, ties and underwear, folding ironing board designed for installation are items you can see in the store of the company  DIKAM - D LTD.
Wardrobe lifts are comfortable and stylish accessory for high wardrobe. It is made of aluminum material with integrated gas spring in the two lateral arm for soft closing.
Mechanisms for lifting mattress allow you to use the space under the bed.
The company is a distributor of leading manufacturers of furniture fittings from Italy, Greece , Germany and other country.
The convenience creates comfort which has to be transported from home to the workplace - wherever it is, so DIKAM - D Ltd offers its customers products and hinges that are associated with the production of office furniture, desks, tables and those serving public and industrial sector. Stands are practical for computer and keyboard shelf supports and Brackets for shelves and libraries, as well as lighting and locking systems for offices and shops.
About generalize design for the finished furniture are of great importance handles for furniture whose form should emphasize the style of the product. Contact with this product is repeated daily, it is imperative that furniture handles are comfortable and well-made.
Tubes and LED strips are increasingly used as a primary or decorative lighting. In the corporate store DIKAM - D Ltd offer aluminum LED lamps for outdoor installation with built-in sensor for switching the light, as well as built-in cupboard or wardrobe with automatic switching on and off when opening and closing the door. Flexible LED strips are an easy convenient and inexpensive option for additional lighting and decorative items in the home and office. They can be used for decorating the reception, posters and various design solutions.
Diode and LED lighting is increasingly being used for general illumination in residential, commercial and public spaces due to their low power consumption, heat and lack of reliability. Diode or LED downlights have the installation in suspended ceilings, street lamps, garden lights, waterproof LED strips and spots for bathroom and more.
All furniture manufacturers can rely on to produce the necessary screws, brackets, piping, other fasteners, door mechanisms and supplies - tape, drills, bits, cutters, pins, stretch, silicone and other materials that can be explore our website.
Company DIKAM D Ltd is boasts with  flexibility and its ability to maintain a constant stock and the ability of people who work in it to communicate with each client and offer the best individual offer.
To make the right choice is to find your comfort, which determines the style of your life.
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