Wardrobe and bedroom accessories

Wardrobe accessories and mechanisms: Trouser stands, pull-out tie accessories and belt hangers, as well as the pull-out telescopic ironing board are practical wardrobe and wardrobe accessories. They facilitate the work and use of wardrobes by offering them for the organization of pants and ties, shoes, scarves, lifting mechanisms for beds and more. Falling telescopic wardrobe lifts are a functional solution for utilizing the hard-to-reach height in the wardrobes. Wardrobe mechanisms are pulled by means of telescopic sliders and are top or side mounted.

The telescopic mirror with pull-out and rotation is designed to be mounted on the page inside or outside the wardrobe, as well as in a niche, to make use of the space.

Falling bed mechanism
378.00 лв
The mechanism allows raising the bed vertically or horizontally to the wall. This solution is practi..
Mattress frame Comfort series with welded plates
The mattress frame creates the necessary conditions for good ventilation of the mattress. The air pa..
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