Wardrobe levers and lever holders

Wardrobe levers for hangers and consoles for them: Dikam-D company is an importer of pipe-lever for wardrobe, elements and lever holders. We offer elliptical smooth chrome-plated and embossed aluminum lever, round chrome-plated lever for wardrobe, lever holders for them, pull-out levers as well as levers with LED lighting.

Wardrobe pull lever
The pull lever can be mounted on the side or on the ceiling of a wardrobe or cabinet. Pulls forward ..
Wardrobe pull lever - reinforced
The pull lever can be mounted on the side or on the ceiling of a wardrobe or cupboard. Pulls forward..
Wardrobe lever - round F25 chrome
Round chrome wardrobe lever f25 mm. Installed in wardrobes for hanging clothes hangers. Metal, thick..
Wardrobe lever - oval, chrome
The lever is oval 15x30 mm, chrome-plated with a length of 3 meters. It is fixed in a wardrobe or wa..
Wardrobe lever - oval, aluminum, 3 m
Aluminum wardrobe tube for hanging hangers. The lever is ribbed, oval with dimensions of 15x30 mm an..
Lever holder for round wardrobe lever Ф25 mm
Bracket for a round wardrobe tube with a diameter of Ф25 mm...
Lever holder for medium ceiling - without adjustment
Metal wardrobe lever holders for hanging hangers. The lever holders are without adjustment and are i..
Lever holder for ceiling medium with adjustment
Metal bracket for fixing an oval metal nickel-plated lever or an aluminum lever 15x30 mm in a wardro..
Lever holder for ceiling - end with adjustment
End, closed, adjustable wardrobe lever holder. The lever holder is top mounted and is designed for n..
Lever holder end - side mounting
Metal oval lever holder. The installation is lateral and the 15x30 mm wardrobe lever fits snugly in ..
Lever holder - combined for ceiling and page
This is a wardrobe lever holder that can be mounted both to the side of the wardrobe and to the ceil..
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