Lighting for wardrobe and bedroom

LED lighting for wardrobes: LED lamps, sensors and LED lighting fixtures with built-in sensor for lighting in wardrobes and bedrooms. Profiles in which an LED strip with different light can be mounted can be connected to a sensor with a volumetric motion sensor. When the wardrobe door opens, the lights come on automatically. When closed, the light goes out 30 seconds after stopping. The well-organized space in the wardrobe contains a variety of extras, such as mirrors, decorative lighting, illuminated shelves, sensors or wardrobe levers with built-in LED strip.

Sensor switch for movement up to 4-5 meters EVO LINE
The sensor acts on the movement of a person up to 5 meters. The photo eye is dug in against the door..
Led lamp, with rechargeable battery and motion sensor, 50 cm
LED lamp with rechargeable battery and USB charging cable included in the set and a built-in motion ..
Ice moon for outdoor installation, with motion sensor, aluminum
LED round moon Ф 80 for external installation for connection to 12V with a built-in sensor detecting..
Illuminated wardrobe lever with built-in lighting and switch DD04
Lever for hangers to be installed in a wardrobe with built-in lighting. The built-in lever is top mo..
Ice Moon - Triangular
Led moon with key for external installation, 220V, complete with transformer (built-in). ..
Illuminated wardrobe lever with photocell and built-in lighting
Wardrobe hanger lever with built-in LED strip and motion sensor. The sensor has a range of up to 2 m..
Luminous shelf with LED lighting
117.34 лв 69.00 лв
Glass shelf with aluminum frame and built-in lighting. It can be installed in a bedroom, living room..
LED lighting unit for mounting on a cabinet
This lamp can be used as lighting above a kitchen cabinet or wardrobe or as lighting in a bathroom. ..
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