Adhesives, silicones, acetone and thinners

Varieties of mounting adhesives, silicones and solvents: Anyone who has started repair work, furniture or just for a hobby will need different types of consumables and materials, such as adhesives, silicones or foam. In DIKAM-D you can find a variety of quick-drying adhesives for wood, plastic or other surfaces, as well as other products for repair and construction - mounting foam, acetone, thinners.

Silicone - universal transparent JOBO
For a multi-purpose application. Transparent, anti-bacterial. Silicone fills, adheres, does not pain..
Silicone - universal transparent, Moment
Moment Universal Silicone is a one-component, ready-to-use universal silicone. Cures at room tempera..
Silicone acrylic white TKK
PROPERTIES Does not slip in vertical joints.The mass can be applied on wet surfaces.The fully harde..
Silicone neutral transparent - TKK
For sealing and bonding smooth and porous materials. Adheres well to almost all materials on balconi..
Silicone sanitary colored - TKK
Properties: does not turn yellowprevents mold from forming on the siliconedoes not flow into vertic..
Universal contact adhesive
PROPERTIES Flexible compound.Quick drying.High adhesive strength.Moisture resistant.FIELD OF APPLIC..
Two-component glue MITER Apel
Gluing wooden moldings. Fixing and repair of wooden parts. Suitable for fast bonding including MDF, ..
Spare glue MITER Apel 100g
Spare tube of glue...
Coreselin Profesional 1000 ml
Italian coreselin in a metal package of 1l. The product is intended for diluting nitrocellulose pain..
thinner Sintetico Universale AMV 1000 ml
Product intended for dilution of 2K acrylic paints, varnishes, primers. Dilutes the products to a co..
Detergent-cleaner SPRAY KON CLEAN - bottle 1000 ml
The cleaning agent SPRAY-KON CLEAN works well in the furniture industry and professional carpentry w..
Spray nozzle-pump for a bottle - SPRAY KON
The pump is sold separately. It is intended for use on a SPRAY-KON CLEAN bottle at the customer's re..
Contact adhesive SPRAY KON B707
SPRAY-KON B707 is a universal contact adhesive most often used in most furniture to HPL laminates, t..
Contact adhesive SPRAY KON S202
SPRAY-KON S202 is a halogen-free, fast-drying, universal contact adhesive with high adhesion for ind..
Contact adhesive SPRAY KON FINISH
SPRAY-KON FINISH is an adhesive for quickly joining furniture edges (PVC, ABS, HPL), furniture and d..
Contact adhesive, MAX
SPRAY-KON MAX is a universal contact adhesive with a very high solids content. Thanks to the special..
Contact adhesive SPRAY KON SOFA
SPRAY-KON SOFA is an adhesive for upholstery materials: foam, fabric, felt. Fast, clean, convenient ..
Universal contact adhesive Moment Universal Classic - 800 ml.
Strong universal adhesive for a huge variety of materials. Moment Universal Classic is a contact adh..
Wood glue, Moment, Standart D3 - 750 g.
Adhesive based on polyvinyl acetate (PVA). For assembly gluing (dowels, slots, pins, mortise and ten..
Wood glue, Moment, Standart D3 - 250 g.
Adhesive based on polyvinyl acetate (PVA). For assembly gluing (dowels, slots, pins, mortise and ten..
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