Adhesive tape, stretch film, mounting and insulating tapes

Consumables for furniture production. In the section you will find duct tape, stretch, aluminum insulation tape, textile tape, insulating tape, mounting tapes and insulation and sanitary tapes for bathrooms and toilets.

Double-sided tape 19 mm
For permanent double-sided bonding of different materials...
Double-sided tape for flooring
For gluing soft floor coverings such as carpets, carpets, batums, etc. Strong mounting double-sided ..
Paper Scotch tape
2.30 лв
Paper tape for protection when painting car details, windows, furniture, walls and joinery...
Packing tape transparent 48 mm
Packing tape transparent 48 mm..
Tape textile gray 50 m.
Tape textile gray 50 m...
Aluminum strip 5 m.
Aluminum strip with a length of 5 m and a width of 50 mm. Highly resistant to temperature difference..
Isolirband - adhesive tape for insulation
Isolirbant is an adhesive tape that is used for insulation, usually when connecting electrical circu..
Sanitary tape for bathroom and kitchen
Silicone adhesive sanitary tape that serves to seal bathtubs, shower cabins, sinks and toilet bowls...
Stretch film
8.45 лв
It has excellent adhesive properties. It protects against dust and water and is a quality transport ..
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