Planks, hangers and disassembly

Fasteners, goods and elements for connection and installation: Metal plates, metal hangers for cabinets with PVC decorative cap and disassembly for furniture production. The tips and magnetic extensions are different in type - PZ, PH with diamond tip imported from Germany. The dowels are made of high quality acacia wood and are available in different sizes - Ф8х30, Ф8х35, Ф10, Ф12, Ф14 and can be 1 m long. Available in stock is a variety of dowels - for concrete, dowels for gypsum board, dowels for bricks and kitchen materials, as well as dowels for aerated concrete of different lengths.

Assembly for sofas
0.92 лв
Assembly for sofas. They are sold individually. Two pieces are attached to each other, and depending..
The angle is ribbed
The angle is ribbed. Mounting wide slats...
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