Nani mattresses

For more than 20 years under the Nani brand, high quality and comfortable mattresses have been produced and offered on the Bulgarian market - a new generation of sleep systems, guaranteeing consumers a peaceful and healthy rest.

High-tech thermoactive "smart" water-based foam with high density and excellent ergonomic performance.

It reacts to pressure and at the same time has the ability to be affected by temperature. In the area of ​​contact with the body, the mattress absorbs / follows the curves of your body, and as a result, the absorbed body heat is further softened in proportion to the strength of the contact. As a result, it finely and elegantly distributes the weight over the entire surface. Provides perfect horizontal support and individual comfort without points with overstrain leading to prolonged compression of soft tissues, blood vessels and skeletal system completely eliminating the negative signals from the nervous system for discomfort and discomfort during sleep. Guaranteed constant, evenly distributed support on the body and when changing position. Reduces rotation during sleep by up to 80% providing healthy and restful sleep.

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