Furniture handles

Modern, luxurious, antique colored furniture handles: Direct importer of metal furniture handles with a wide variety of colors and patterns. Each handle is equipped with the necessary screws for installation. Large selection of rubberized children's furniture handles, retro handles, porcelain, black and white handles for furniture doors.

Antique furniture handle, concrete color
Metal furniture handle in retro style with the current color of concrete. Available in two sizes...
Furniture handle 1199 chrome with black inlay
Furniture handle in chrome color and inlaid with black floral elements. With very good quality of th..
Furniture handle 1211 black antique
Luxurious, solid furniture handle in a specific color graphite to black. Suitable for both standard ..
Furniture handle 1211 single black antique
Single square handle from the dark graphite series. In combination with the longer handles, this mod..
Furniture handle 123 antique
Single, round handle with antique, aged brass color. Suitable for retro style furniture. In combinat..
Furniture handle 149 nickel matt
Single, round furniture handle with nickel matt color. Convenient to hold, suitable for bedside tabl..
Furniture handle 1644 black antique mat
Elegant, delicate handle for furniture doors in a specific dark graphite color to black. Suitable fo..
Furniture handle 1644 single matte black antique
Square, dark handle with a specific graphite color with black hues. A longer handle in this color is..
Furniture handle 1743 antique iron
Antique iron color model. The final finish of this model adds the aged look, suitable for furniture ..
Furniture handle 1743 antique iron single
Handles with the color of scrap iron. Modern and up-to-date color that complements the style, but at..
Furniture handle 1745 antique iron
Antique iron furniture handle, suitable for kitchens and any furniture in the home. The clean, styli..
Furniture handle 1745 antique iron single
Modern color aged iron, suitable for retro style furniture and for more modern design. Longer handle..
Furniture handle 1745 concrete
Furniture handle in concrete color - an up-to-date new color, suitable for both kitchens and any fur..
Furniture handle 176
Furniture handle 2090 antique mat
Furniture handle with two factory-made holes on each side. It can be used for two wheelbase sizes, i..
Furniture handle 2204 black chrome
New stylish handle model with good quality and modern design. Perfect combination for furniture with..
Furniture handle 2204 nickel matt
Handles for furnishing different rooms in several sizes, such as length depending on the size of the..
Furniture handle 2817 antique coffee
Antique coffee color - a unique color in the shade of copper appliances, copper sinks, faucets and l..
Furniture handle 2817 antique coffee single
Antique coffee color - a unique color in the shade of copper appliances, copper sinks, faucets and l..
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