Furniture locks

Furniture lock is a variety of different types and functions of locks. Available in Dikam-D are locks for chipboard - for one and two doors, glass locks - for one and two glass doors, locks for sliding doors, as well as central locks for three or more drawers, which are mostly used in the office the furniture.

Child hidden door and drawer lock
Secures cabinets, drawers, etc. Easy installation with the included screws. It is mounted on the ins..
Child lock for doors and drawers
Mechanism for locking doors and drawers, for securing and restricting the access of children. It is ..
Child safety corner for an interior door
The child safety corner for an interior door prevents the door from being completely closed and thus..
Child safety lock for two doors
Safety lock for two doors to secure and restrict access to children. A cabinet protector that protec..
Children's safety corner for furniture
The set contains 4 soft corner seals to protect children from sharp corners. These corner protectors..
Counter for central locking for additional drawer
The counter is threaded onto the rail of the central locking mechanism and allows the inclusion of a..
Front central locking for three drawers
It is used for frontal locking of three drawers at the same time, located one below the other. It co..
Latch lock
2.26 лв
This lock has a rotary latch and is used to lock metal cabinet doors, mailboxes, metal wardrobes, et..
Lock for locking two chipboard doors
A lock that serves to lock two chipboard doors at the same time. The locking is carried out by means..
Lock for one glass door, no drilling
The single glass door lock is suitable for locking pharmacy display cases, cosmetic cabinets, shop d..
Lock for sliding glass door
A lock that serves to lock sliding glass showcases. The installation of the lock is carried out with..
Lock for through a chipboard board with counter
A lock that serves to lock chipboard doors with a thickness of 18 mm. It has a wide application, it ..
Lock for two chipboard boards - cartridge 36 mm.
The lock has a longer cartridge - 36 mm, so that it can be installed through two thicknesses of chip..
Lock for two glass doors, no drilling
A furniture lock that serves to lock two glass doors one inside the other. It is suitable for lockin..
Lock stop
0.15 лв
The stop for locks is an L-shaped plate, with the help of which the locking of furniture doors is ca..
2.00 лв
Furniture lock with PUSH button for locking chipboard doors. Locking is done by pressing the lock ca..
Side central locking for three drawers
A side central lock that locks three drawers at the same time using a rail. It consists of a rail, c..
Sliding door lock
2.15 лв
Furniture lock, which is designed to lock furniture with sliding and roller doors. When the door is ..
0.44 лв
The match is used to lock doors, lockers, inspection openings, etc. It is rectangular, nickel colore..
Wedging rubber neck stopper
The stopper stops the door from closing and prevents injuries to fingers or hands. Extremely easy in..
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