Child locks and fuses

The child safety locks are made of soft materials with plasticity and flexibility. Silicone guards against opening and impact are convenient and practical when children are small and can be easily removed and dismantled if necessary, without leaving a trace and injuries on the surface of the furniture.

Door and drawer locking mechanisms to secure and restrict children's access. They are extremely easy to install.

Child lock for doors and drawers
Mechanism for locking doors and drawers, for securing and restricting the access of children. It is ..
Child safety lock for two doors
Safety lock for two doors to secure and restrict access to children. A cabinet protector that protec..
Child safety corner for an interior door
The child safety corner for an interior door prevents the door from being completely closed and thus..
Children's safety corner for furniture
The set contains 4 soft corner seals to protect children from sharp corners. These corner protectors..
Child hidden door and drawer lock
Secures cabinets, drawers, etc. Easy installation with the included screws. It is mounted on the ins..
Wedging rubber neck stopper
The stopper stops the door from closing and prevents injuries to fingers or hands. Extremely easy in..
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