Furniture locks

Furniture locks have a great variety depending on the function they have. There are ordinary locks with a cartridge for 18 mm and 36 mm thickness of the material, locks for sliding doors, for breakable doors, a lock with a latch, as well as those that lock both doors at the same time. Each of the locks has several individual keys that unlock only the corresponding lock. There are locks with a universal master key. With such a master key, more than one lock can be opened.


Lock for through a chipboard board with counter
A lock that serves to lock chipboard doors with a thickness of 18 mm. It has a wide application, it ..
Lock for two chipboard boards - cartridge 36 mm.
The lock has a longer cartridge - 36 mm, so that it can be installed through two thicknesses of chip..
Lock for locking two chipboard doors
A lock that serves to lock two chipboard doors at the same time. The locking is carried out by means..
Latch lock
2.26 лв
This lock has a rotary latch and is used to lock metal cabinet doors, mailboxes, metal wardrobes, et..
Sliding door lock
2.15 лв
Furniture lock, which is designed to lock furniture with sliding and roller doors. When the door is ..
2.00 лв
Furniture lock with PUSH button for locking chipboard doors. Locking is done by pressing the lock ca..
0.44 лв
The match is used to lock doors, lockers, inspection openings, etc. It is rectangular, nickel colore..
Lock stop
0.15 лв
The stop for locks is an L-shaped plate, with the help of which the locking of furniture doors is ca..
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