Metal drawer pages with soft closing

Guides with metal sides for sliders: The metal pages can be equipped with mechanisms with soft closing and those with normal closing - roller type. The metal pages are of different heights, depending on the construction of the drawer, according to the customer's wishes. The mechanisms for a drawer with metal pages are different in length, which determines the different depth of the drawer. Dikam-D imports different height metal pages with soft closing in graphite color.

Metal pages - soft closing mechanism
They replace the wooden sides of the drawer and it retracts smoothly. Available in three heights. Th..
SLIM BOX - metal pages for a thickness of 18 mm with soft closing
Slim metal drawer sides in graphite color with smooth closing. SLIM BOX is available in three height..
Flat upgrade for SLIM BOX pages - graphite
The flat top mounts to the front and back of the drawer. Sold 2 pieces in a set for one drawer. The ..
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