Colorful kitchen sinks - cooper, gold, bronze, anthracite ALVEUS

Colored kitchen sinks for installation and gluing under the countertop: A glamorous golden color announces a big comeback, especially the unique accents, such as the eye-catching gold kitchen sink or gold kitchen faucet. Alveus sinks from the Monarch line are also available in other ultra-modern colors, such as bronze, copper (rose gold) and anthracite (metallic gray), as well as in combinations from the Mix and Match series, where you can choose granite sink or stainless steel sink with accessories, accents in modern colors - gold, copper, bronze or anthracite.

Цялата гама от продукти, които ALVEUS предлага и които могат да бъдат доставени по индивидуална поръчка можете да разгледате на

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