Stainless steel kitchen sinks Alveus

High quality stainless steel kitchen sinks for installation or installation under the counter: ALVEUS is one of the largest and most experienced European manufacturers of kitchen sinks and related kitchen equipment. Founded in 1955, it supplies millions of kitchen sinks, kitchen faucets and accessories. The company is a market leader in many European countries and is recognized for the quality, consistency and elegant design of its products.

The ALVEUS brand combines in its kitchen sinks, kitchen faucets and accessories, trained staff, research and development department and an extensive sales network in the country and abroad to meet the most demanding needs of customers and consumers of kitchen equipment.

Dikam-D is a direct importer and official representative of the Slovenian brand. The factory offers a wide variety of kitchen sinks, faucets and accessories for them made of stainless steel, granite and color collection - bronze, anthracite, copper and gold ones made of stainless steel. Each sink is equipped with a siphon F90 with overflow (possibility to include a dishwasher / washing machine), mounting clips and a factory-installed seal.

Цялата гама от продукти, които ALVEUS предлага и които могат да бъдат доставени по индивидуална поръчка можете да разгледате на

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