Undermount kitchen sinks ALVEUS

Kitchen sinks for gluing under the countertop:Dikam-D is the official importer of Slovenian kitchen sinks made of stainless steel, granite and glass. Large variety of patterns, shapes and colors - white, black, cappuccino, beige, concrete, gray, chocolate (brown), bronze, gold, copper, andtracid, polished and embossed. The sinks are installed by gluing or with a mounting set. Each sink is equipped with a siphon F90 with overflow (possibility to include a dishwasher / washing machine).

Countertop sinks are installed entirely on the underside of the kitchen countertop, which must be made of a waterproof material, such as natural stone or composite material. The lack of a board between the sink and the kitchen counter contributes to easy maintenance and cleaning, as well as to the clean and stylish design of the kitchen.

Гранитна кухненска мивка Атрокс 40, за шкаф 80 см
Гранитна кухненска мивка ALVEUS. Всички продукти на тази марка са с европейки знак за качество и са ..
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