Undermount kitchen sinks ALVEUS

Kitchen sinks for gluing under the countertop:Dikam-D is the official importer of Slovenian kitchen sinks made of stainless steel, granite and glass. Large variety of patterns, shapes and colors - white, black, cappuccino, beige, concrete, gray, chocolate (brown), bronze, gold, copper, andtracid, polished and embossed. The sinks are installed by gluing or with a mounting set. Each sink is equipped with a siphon F90 with overflow (possibility to include a dishwasher / washing machine).

Countertop sinks are installed entirely on the underside of the kitchen countertop, which must be made of a waterproof material, such as natural stone or composite material. The lack of a board between the sink and the kitchen counter contributes to easy maintenance and cleaning, as well as to the clean and stylish design of the kitchen.

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