Bases and countertops for tables / desks and other accessories

Metal bases and legs for tables and desks: Various metal bases for kitchen and dining tables and restaurants. Different modern forms of the bases with different colors on which natural wooden countertops that Dikam-D offers can be mounted.

Leg, table base medium - round
Round medium table leg. The size of the base is Ф500 mm, of the tube Ф76 mm, and the plate is 250x25..
Leg, table base medium - square
Middle leg (base) for a table with a square base. The base is 500x500 mm, the tube 80x80 mm, and the..
Metal desk leg
131.00 лв
Metal leg - desk rail. The set includes a left and right metal page. A decorative front panel can b..
Table base - double
Double beam table base. The base can be delivered in a different size, at the customer's request, de..
Table leg (base) - woven
A metal base with interlaced axes of the latest and modern generation for dining tables, office tabl..
Table leg - A-shaped
125.30 лв
A-shaped metal base for tables. Between the two legs there is a cross beam for stability and comfort..
Table leg - corner base with adjustment
Corner metal base for dining, office and meeting tables. The color of the legs is made to individual..
Table leg - square
121.10 лв
A square-shaped base in line with the design attitude of modern furniture for straight, truncated U-..
Table leg - U-shaped
125.30 лв
Inclined metal p-shaped base for tables. Despite the slanted design, the base is stable. The color o..
Leg (base) for a round table - small
Metal base with 4 axes for a round table of the latest and modern generation for dining tables, offi..
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