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The latest Optonica Comfort 758 window cleaning robot designed to clean all types of hard and smooth surfaces. You can clean windows, mirrors, walls and floors of bathrooms, kitchens and corridors, tables, cabinets, wardrobes and more.

Effective microfiber pads
Vacuum fastening system
The built-in battery prevents the robot from falling when the power is interrupted
Automatically calculates the optimal cleaning trajectory
Fall protection
Works on cable - 4 m
Remote control
3 automatic cleaning modes
AI technology – 2.1
Lower noise levels
Comfortable grip
Remote control

Model Optonica Comfort 758
Grey color
Dimensions 250 x 250 x 95 mm
Weight 1400 g
Power 240V ~ 50Hz
Power consumption 80 W
Cable length 4 m
Safety rope 5 m, 150Kgf
Noise 65 dB
Sweep speed 1 m 2.5 min (cleans each point twice)
Maximum cleaning area
height – 6 m, length – 5 m

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