Aluminum profiles and moldings for kitchen - for countertops, panels and furniture cabinets. There are moldings for edging doors, as well as front aluminum moldings for countertops, connecting moldings for connecting two countertops, grilles and profiles for glass windows. Built-in grilles are used to ventilate built-in appliances. Dikam-D is an importer of edging handles for kitchen T-shaped aluminum profiles and Г-angles for furniture.

Aluminum profile for glass doors
Used for framing glass windows. It is mounted by cutting below 45 degrees and is connected with scre..
Built-in grille, round Ф35 mm, stainless steel
Built-in ventilation grille for round hole Ф35 mm. Grilles are mainly used for built-in appliances t..
Aluminum U-shaped edging of 18 mm
Aluminum skirting board suitable for 18 mm chipboard. It is sold in numbers and is 3 m long. It is p..
Aluminum edging with feather for 18 mm
The aluminum edging strip is 3 m long and is sold in number (the whole rod). Used for edging 18 mm c..
Aluminum T-strip
9.18 лв
Decorative mounting aluminum moldings for furniture: T-shaped moldings are used to connect two surfa..
Aluminum L-shaped strip
L-shaped aluminum moldings are used to decorate and strengthen furniture corners - exterior and inte..
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