Consumables, tools and materials for furniture production

Cutting, drilling and cleaning consumables for furniture production: Furniture adhesives, cleaners, silicones, stretch and mounting tape are materials and consumables needed for furniture production. Dikam-D imports and maintains stocks of various types of drills, drill bits, adhesives and cleaners for various materials.

Drill bits for metal and wood
Drill bits for metal and wood. They are used for drilling holes in metal parts, as well as for woode..
Glass drill bit HM
12.45 лв
Handle assembly template
The handle mounting template has 16mm through holes. This makes it easier to install handles of stan..
Pneumatic lifting stand for fixing details during installation
Auxiliary tool for lifting and strengthening details during furniture assembly.It is equipped with a..
Sandpaper red on a paper basis SMIRDEX
Suitable for manual or machine sanding of solid wood, veneer and others. It is available in differen..
Silicone - universal transparent JOBO
For a multi-purpose application. Transparent, anti-bacterial. Silicone fills, adheres, does not pain..
Silicone - universal transparent, Moment
Moment Universal Silicone is a one-component, ready-to-use universal silicone. Cures at room tempera..
Silicone acrylic white TKK
PROPERTIES Does not slip in vertical joints.The mass can be applied on wet surfaces.The fully harde..
Silicone neutral transparent - TKK
For sealing and bonding smooth and porous materials. Adheres well to almost all materials on balconi..
Silicone sanitary colored - TKK
Properties: does not turn yellowprevents mold from forming on the siliconedoes not flow into vertic..
Universal contact adhesive
PROPERTIES Flexible compound.Quick drying.High adhesive strength.Moisture resistant.FIELD OF APPLIC..
Angle cutting template - Rehau
The template allows the correct cutting of waterproofing and other moldings at an angle - 45; 67.5; ..
Double-sided tape 19 mm
For permanent double-sided bonding of different materials...
Drill bits for wood
Wood drill bits with a sharp tip for drilling wood and chipboard boards...
Red sandpaper based on fabric 625 X SMIRDEX
Sandpaper with a wide range of applications - for sanding all types of wood, metal, etc. It is chara..
Drill bits for concrete
Drill bit for drilling concrete, with different thickness and length. Strong and durable masonry ele..
Paper Scotch tape
2.30 лв
Paper tape for protection when painting car details, windows, furniture, walls and joinery...
Plug for mounting hole φ 35 mm
Covers the opening of the hinge f35 mm. It is placed on wrong or old openings...
Two-component glue MITER Apel
Gluing wooden moldings. Fixing and repair of wooden parts. Suitable for fast bonding including MDF, ..
White sandpaper on SMIRDEX paper
Suitable for manual or machine sanding of solid wood, veneer and others. It is available in differen..
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