Consumables, tools and materials for furniture production

Cutting, drilling and cleaning consumables for furniture production: Furniture adhesives, cleaners, silicones, stretch and mounting tape are materials and consumables needed for furniture production. Dikam-D imports and maintains stocks of various types of drills, drill bits, adhesives and cleaners for various materials.

Pneumatic lifting stand for fixing details during installation
Auxiliary tool for lifting and strengthening details during furniture assembly.It is equipped with a..
Handle assembly template
The handle mounting template has 16mm through holes. This makes it easier to install handles of stan..
Angle cutting template - Rehau
The template allows correct cutting of waterproofing and other moldings at an angle - 45 ; 67.5 ; 90..
Wedge-pad for leveling
It is placed in the opening where there is an unevenness and is broken as far as necessary. The clie..
FISCO blind - 3 m.; 5 m.
Roller blind brand FISCO - 3 m.; 5 m...
Plug for mounting hole φ 35 mm
Covers the opening of the hinge f35 mm. It is placed on wrong or old openings...
Wood putty, water-based
Water-based wood putty, quick-drying and easy to clean, for outdoor and indoor use. It is used to re..
Pastel - soft correction wax
Used to repair scratches on furniture...
Liquid marker for correction
Used to repair scratches on furniture..
Model knife
2.19 лв
Model cutting knife..
Cutters for model knife
Spare cutters for mockup knife..
Rivet knife 3101-100
The knife is for cutting chipboard boards..
Rivet knife 3106-100
Knife for cutting wood..
Rivet knife - long 3101-L
The knife is for cutting chipboard boards, long..
Zege knife 3180
5.46 лв
Knife for cutting MDF..
Zege knife 3181
5.36 лв
Knife for cutting wood and chipboard with poplar (crossed sideways)..
Knife for zegesis curvilinear cutting
Knife for curved cutting of chipboard boards...
Rivet knife for aluminum 3113-F
The blade is bi-metal-reinforced for cutting aluminum..
Rivet knife for metal and stainless steel
Bi-metal-reinforced blade for cutting metal and stainless steel..
Reversible serging knife for face cutting 3102-100
Knife for face cutting of chipboard boards, with reverse teeth...
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